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Jack Wood Innovation Award Recipients

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The Innovation award recognizes a short-term town-gown program that is created to meet a timely need.


2020 Rachel Picon and Maricza Hinnah:

A first-year award, this year’s recipients are timely indeed. George Mason University seniors Rachel Picon and Maricza Hinnah created a Facebook group called Northern VA COVID-19 Craziness Supply Exchange, a clearinghouse for finding, exchanging or selling supplies at cost, as well as a place to post if you need help because you are immunocompromised.

Ms. Picon mentioned, “Sometimes when we help others, it relieves our own anxiety and makes us feel we are making a difference.” Both students are graduating this year with bachelor of social work degrees.

Traci Kendall, Executive Director

Office: 703-993-8846

Toni Andrews, Associate Director, Arlington

Office: 703-993-9817


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