Fairfax Campus and Community Advisory Board

The mission of the Fairfax Campus and Community Advisory Board shall be to:

  • Identify and promote relationships and programs in support of joint university-community initiatives;
  • Provide recommendations to the county, city, and university administrations concerning university-community issues and relations;
  • Address and resolve issues of community and university concern at the earliest possible time and at the lowest working level in the decision-making process.

George Mason University Fairfax Campus and Community Advisory Board 2018 Memorandum of Understanding

County Members:

  • James Walkinshaw, Supervisor, Braddock District
  • Pat Herrity, Supervisor, Springfield District
  • Jim Zook, Designee for Chairman Jeff McKay
  • Mark O-Meara, Fairfax County Citizen
  • Ann Sharp, Fairfax County Citizen

City Members:

  • David Meyer, Mayor, Fairfax City
  • Rob Stalzer, City Manager, Fairfax City
  • Gail Wade, Fairfax City Citizen
  • Carl Jennison, Fairfax City Citizen
  • Dr. Stanley Cook, Fairfax City Citizen

University Members:

  • Chair: Paul Liberty, Vice President, Government and Community Relations
  • Traci Kendall, Executive Director, Community and Local Government Relations
  • Frank Strike, Vice President, Facilities
  • Josh Cantor, Director, Parking and Transportation
  • Vacant