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Good Neighbor Program

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The Good Neighbor Program

The Office of Community and Local Government Relations has developed a multi-pronged program to strengthen the university’s relationship with our surrounding neighbors, as well as to help educate our off-campus student population on how to be good neighbors in the communities in which they live.

Student Education Materials:

The Office of Community and Local Government Relations produces three fun products to help educate off-campus students on how to be a good neighbor. These materials are distributed in collaboration with the Office of Off-Campus Student Programs and Services (University Life) through their various programming initiatives.

  • Playing Cards – 52 useful resources and tips for off-campus living, primarily distributed through housing fairs and finals lounge.
  • Party Smart Magnets – Red cup magnets with tips on how to be a good neighbor while appropriately hosting parties in residential communities.  The magnets are primarily distributed through off-campus student welcome packets, Greek Week, Homecoming, and Mason Day.
  • Coasters – A set of six common sense messages printed on coasters to remind students on how to be a good neighbor. Coasters are primarily distributed to five local restaurant/bars during Welcome Week, Homecoming and Mason Day.

Off-Campus Student Welcome Tables: In collaboration with the Office for Off Campus Student Programs and Services, we staff tables in parking lots A and K during Welcome Week to talk with and distribute good neighbor materials as well as local city/county information to our commuter students. Local elected officials are invited to attend and speak with students.

Relax in Fairfax BBQ: An annual BBQ that takes place in the City of Fairfax to introduce Fairfax Campus students to their greater community. Activities include local elected officials to meet and greet students, local restaurants providing food, karaoke band, lawn games, and a leadership challenge between City officials and Student Government leadership.

Arlington Campus Advisory Board: A board comprised of fifteen members and a staff liaison from both the Arlington County and the University, created to accomplish goals important to both entities.

Fairfax Campus Advisory Board: An advisory board comprised of five City representatives, five Braddock District representatives, and three University representatives established to share information among the parties on issues of mutual concern and provide advice and recommendations on those issues from varying perspectives. The group meets three to four times per year.

University/Community Forum: A town hall collaboration with the City of Fairfax and the Braddock District to share with the community happenings at the university and throughout the surrounding area that may interest or impact them, including construction and events. Town halls alternate location between the City and the Braddock District.

iContact: An email notification system set up currently for the Fairfax and Arlington Campuses to get the word out about university activities that may interest or impact the community.

Article Mason Helps Off-Campus Students Learn to Be Good Neighbors

Good Neighbor MagnetGood Neighbor Coaster      Good Neighbor Coaster 2       Playing Cards

Traci Kendall, Executive Director

Office: 703-993-8846

Toni Andrews, Associate Director, Arlington

Office: 703-993-9817

Sarah Gallagher, Associate Director

Office: 703-993-8761


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